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Data Analytics & Customer Insights


Data Analytics And Customer Insights

Customer feedback & surveys analysis

We design the surveys in a way where businesses can gather measureable feedback from their customers. Our clients use these feedback data to develop strategies to retain current customer relationship and build new relationships. Ideally, these sets of data can effect an organizations marketing team, product development and overall strategy management.

Sales trends & Identification of factors influencing sales and growth

We help businesses create customer-driven sales strategy by converting raw data into sales related insights like product related inquiries, promos that consumers often ask about, successful or unsuccessful telesales. After doing so, our clients can then understand their customers' motivations for buying a product, when a customer is most likely to buy, upgrade, or downgrade, and the moments when product demand spikes.

New product survey

We conduct surveys for our clients and collect valuable insights in order to help them build better and more sophisticated products/services. We help businesses identify the features and price points customers are looking for in a new product/service entering a market.

Product/Process problems

Through customer interaction we identify the product- or process-related issues customers usually encounter, when they usually encounter them, the product(s) with the biggest issues, and the causes of these problems. These information help businesses enhance the functionality and features of their products and create a roadmap to improve their overall customer experience.