Digital Marketing

Social media marketing: Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. Our solution will include creating and publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to, engaging and increasing your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements. We will choose the best targeted locations, audience and create customer profiling according to your industry and product/service.  

Content marketing: Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action, increase brand value & drive long term loyalty of your customers. Our content marketing solution includes graphic contents, short videos, blogging, info-graphics, website mapping and content creation, brochure content and social media content. 

Email marketing: Email marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. We will create the content and design the emails which will help convert prospects into customers. Our automated tools allows us to monitor the response rate and success of the campaign. 

SEO (Search engine optimisation) & Website development: Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing web pages and their content so that it is easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to your website. Our solution includes website auditing, keyword research and ranking, content optimization, content writing, link building, back-link analysis, reputation management with website content and development. Our solution will ensure that your website and content is ranked higher on Google search giving you a competitive edge over other players in the industry and your customers can easily find you when they searching for your particular services.