5R Associates

5R is a well renowned solution provider based in Bangladesh with presence in various industries including industrial security provisions, integrated solar power solutions, design development & construction, telecommunications & specialized project implementation. Since its formation 5R has experienced a rapid expansion across different industries and has adopted new technologies throughout the journey. 

5R provides world class industrial scanners and equipment to government establishments, sea ports and critical infrastructure across Bangladesh and their solutions include consultation, installation and complete management of the scanners during operations. They have also delivered advanced integrated solar energy solutions across several locations in the country. Their construction solution provides excellence in a full spectrum of pre-construction, project management, design development, construction, inspection and quality control services. 

Key Challenges

5R has operations spread out across the country which makes it harder for the teams to communicate effectively with each other and send information back and forth in a systematic manner. Hence they were facing a lot of communication breakdown and loss of information across all departments and teams. The organisation wanted standardised procedures for communication and exchange of information in a seamless manner. 


ServiceChai undertook the process for 5R to establish a single communication channel and implement processes which would ensure clear knowledge of incidents being circulated across all the necessary personnel and departments. 


ServiceChai established a dedicated 24/7 concurrent channel hotline number with a team of 5 customer care representatives who were trained to resolve issues, escalate complaints, incidents and deliver information to respective teams including engineering, managerial, technicians, team leaders of 5R. These 5 agents are solely dedicated to manage the internal communication channel of 5R. 

Secondly, teams across all the locations were trained by ServiceChai according to the process and were coached on how to circulate the information, when to call, whom to call and most importantly which team member was accountable for which task. In order to provide a seamless function a multichannel support was implemented meaning, voice outbound call, outbound SMS, Email notification and Internal ticketing system was established. 


Simultaneously a reporting system and an automated dashboard in real time was integrated into the process for the management to be informed about the incidents occurring and being resolved in real time.

Outcome Assessment

  • Consistent flow of information throughout the departments 
  • Teams practiced the standard procedure of communication diligently
  • Accountability amongst teams have increased 
  • Higher management are informed of latest developments across different locations at all times and ensures that corrective measures are being taken on time