Garda Shield Security Services

Garda Shield works with ServiceChai to timely manage their internal resources and monitor their vehicles in real time where they can access all of the data from their offices.  

Garda Shield is a privately-held security and risk management company providing contract security & facility management services across many varied industries and vertical markets throughout Bangladesh. Two of the main branches of Garda Shield are cash in transit services and guard services in both domestic and corporate houses.  

Scope of work and ServiceChai Solution?

ServiceChai is responsible for managing internal operations of cash in transit services for Garda Shield where the vehicles both inbound and outbound are timely managed and real time data is entered into the system for proper monitoring purpose. Garda Shield has approximately 800+ guards all over the city operating in both private and public sectors. ServiceChai is responsible for monitoring their attendance and performance through making outbound calls round the clock. This has helped Garda Shield to timely manage their human resources and has also improved the attendance and overall performance of the guards.