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24/7 Inbound & Outbound Customer Care


24/7 Inbound Customer Care

Our inbound call center receives incoming calls from customers where our support teams monitor all the calls coming typically from existing clients with issues or questions. Our inbound customer care teams offer product / tech support from updating account information, complaint management and escalation. Additionally product/service general inquiries, payment and order processing, upgrading subscriptions, renewal inquiries, pre-sales and post-sales are some examples of our inbound call center processes.

24/7 Outbound Customer Care

Our outbound call center processes involve sales representatives primarily making calls to reach and attract prospective customers. We also use conduct market research where our agents call shoppers who match the target group of customers to learn more about their needs and interests. Our outbound services include appointment setting, lead generation, telemarketing, telesales, market research, feedback and follow up, pre-sales and post-sales support.