Case Studies

Data Analytics

We create various types of reports for our clients according to their need specifications and the type of data they want to look at. Basic reports such as call reports concluding the type of calls, status, type and number of calls are provided. Advanced reports and dashboards represent heat maps, resource performance reports, customer specific information analysis and representations and trend analysis based on data collected.
The first image represents both inbound and outbound calls and the type of calls according to the information collected. The second image represents the total number of calls per day during a specific period of time.  

The first image titled reminder call status is a representation of outbound calls to schedule existing customers for a specific service. The rest of the images shows a summary of the agent’s performance making outbound calls and the number of calls made during a specific period of time.

Scheduling and appointments for our clients are done through our software where both we and the clients can access the portal in real time.