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Short Outbound Customer Care Campaigns


Short outbound customer care campaigns

We provide several short outbound customer care campaigns to organizations across various industries. Our campaigns include:

Short Telesales Campaign

We provide telesales campaign for a short period of time when you need a boost in sales and conversion. Additional to in house sales agents we will provide you the support you need for 2 to 3 weeks to reach your peak. E.i celebrations, national holidays, offers and special campaigns etc.

Awareness Campaign

These campaigns target a large number of people over a specific period of time to generate specific outcomes or achieve pre-determined goals. We offer short term awareness campaigns before you launch a new product or a service, short campaign etc.

Feedback Campaign

Do you need specific feedback from your current customers to develop your product or make changes in your marketing efforts? Our customer care team will make those calls and collect all kinds of feedback you need.