Wings Bd LTD

WingsBD works with ServiceChai to better understand their customer pool, enhance their overall experience and identify insights which helps them create effective promotional campaigns which in return increases their revenue stream.

WINGS BD LTD is the leading dealer for Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd to promote & distribute Honda brand motorcycles within the country. Also recently they have inaugurated their First Authorized Honda 3S service center in the heart of Dhaka City. WingsBD aimed to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction by implementing technology to create sales momentum, providing quick decision making and speedy conversion of prospects.

Scope of work & ServiceChai Solution? 

ServiceChai provides inbound call center services where all queries regarding their product and services offered are handled by our experienced agents and solved in real time. Appointments & scheduling for WingsBD customers are scheduled through our software where all their data are stored into the portal and can be accessed anytime. Outbound call center services are provided where customer feedback and information about service deadlines are given to the existing customers.  All of these data collected are captured through our system and then assessed systematically. Using innovative models, data is then represented in customized dashboards where several factors such as key performance indicators, improvement areas, client concerns, successful approaches are identified. By outsourcing these services to ServiceChai, WingsBD has experienced enhanced overall customer experience which has increased their sales conversion rates to 20% average per month. Additionally our creative promotional campaigns have increased WingsBD’s service center’s revenue by approximately 25%.