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24/7 Customer Care

(Inbound & Outbound Customer Care) Query & Complaint Management, Scheduling Appointments, Pre & Post-sales Support

Digital Marketing

Great digital marketing cuts through the noise and draws the right crowd of customers to your door. We make it easy.


Website Development

We have the ability to deal with enormous web content readiness projects & furthermore give Web application improvement for content-concentrated Sites.


Social Media Management

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are a couple of the social media destinations that give organizations of all sizes an unmatched showcase of open doors.


Marketing Services

We give deals re-appropriating and promoting administrations for the organizations.


Creative Management

We give admittance to elite planners and developers who give the bandwidth to accomplish a greater volume of creative tasks


Frequently Asked Questions

The term “business process outsourcing” (BPO) refers to the process of hiring a third party to carry out a particular company’s operations. A firm needs a number of operational procedures to function, yet it can be expensive to hire permanent staff to oversee each activity. Through business process outsourcing, a business owner may use professionals to handle these tasks without incurring the expenditures of recruiting full-time employees.

Outsourcing has become more prevalent in Bangladesh due to a number of market variables, such as the recent increase in the minimum wage, the rising cost of infrastructure, and the constantly shifting need for new technologies.
Labour expenses, operating costs, and technology costs will all go down as a result of outsourcing. It does away with the budget that would be required for hiring and training staff. Additionally, it lessens the need to spend money on office space, furnishings, tools, human resource management, and technology. A company may be able to sustain lower prices thanks to costing reductions, strengthening its position as a market leader.

You’ll save time and money by outsourcing, which you can use to concentrate on expanding and strengthening your company. The time of a corporate executive should be devoted to establishing strategies in key business sectors rather than caring about the day-to-day operations of the company.
Executives who outsource benefit from time savings across the board. Employees of ServiceChai are subject matter experts in their fields and are more equipped to manage projects than internal staff members who may have less experience and less access to cutting-edge technology.

Miscommunication, supervision issues, agent skill levels, uneven service delivery, a lack of creativity, and security issues are just a few pitfalls. Setting expectations, managing the partner connection, and misunderstanding established procedures and standards are all examples of communication problems. The Vendor Management Office (VMO), which has increased connections with its BPO suppliers, is one of several departments that many businesses have created.

Is the service our core expertise, you can ask? Or have we reached a stage in our trajectory of growth where adding more support teams will divert attention from our primary goal? It’s time to outsource your business operations, customer service, and tech support when it becomes essential to concentrate on your growth plan and save expenses. Spikes in call traffic or regular call overflow that lead to lengthy client wait times and poor service quality are among the earliest indications of concern. Another indication can be that you are expanding but are having trouble scaling back or hiring more personnel for support teams like those in human resources, information technology, training, finance, and quality control

ServiceChai must comprehend your company’s requirements in order for you to see success. ServiceChai offers a tried-and-true evaluation procedure that guarantees the implementation of the best program and strategy for your company. Assessment, planning, evaluation, commitment, transformation and transition, and optimization are the phases in the process.
ServiceChai will collaborate with your company to create goals and pinpoint requirements during the evaluation process. Critical metrics will be defined in the preparation process, along with the necessary systems. The assessment step involves evaluating responses. A contract will be written and signed by ServiceChai at the commitment stage. Service will be introduced throughout the transformation and transition phases. ServiceChai will make sure that the outsourcing arrangement is handled and consistently enhanced during the optimization phase.

ServiceChai employs and teaches specialists in the operational procedures that will enhance the results of your firm, just as you are in your field. For almost 6 years, ServiceChai has assisted complicated businesses in increasing productivity, improving customer connections, and lowering expenses. ServiceChai has achieved customer satisfaction for our healthy workplace culture in addition to our prowess at streamlining processes and delivering outcomes for our clients.

ServiceChai caters to a wide range of businesses, including those in the automotive, energy and utilities, healthcare and insurance, retail and e-commerce, technology, media and communications, and travel and hospitality, in addition to the financial sector.

ServiceChai provides a range of services that can help you accomplish your business objectives. Client service, inbound and outbound sales, customer retention, lead generation, technical support, facilities and procurement, payment processing, management, accounting and receivables, direct response marketing, administration, and back-office processing are some of the services offered.

ServiceChai distinguishes itself from rival businesses by offering a competitive edge. This competitive advantage consists of a tried-and-true technological platform, gamification, and leadership expertise.
Your contract with ServiceChai will be successful across its whole four-part competitive advantage. ServiceChai’s leadership team is guided by a “solution-oriented” approach thanks to this advantage. Key performance indicators are created via continuous process improvement and are then monitored and modified to provide outcomes. Gamification challenges and competitions continually inspire ServiceChai staff members. The established technological foundation guarantees that ServiceChai is deploying cutting-edge machinery to assure the security and continuity of your organization.

Any size of organization may profit from process outsourcing. BPO for small businesses lowers overhead, increasing income for operational expansion. Additionally, it permits flexibility and lowers risk as corporate goals alter.
While start-ups have profited from outsourcing, Fortune 500 corporations have also used it. When a major firm experiences considerable change or quick development, BPO might be helpful. Any firm, regardless of size, will profit from the BPO advantages of lower costs, increased speed and efficiency, and flexibility.

Get in touch with us right away to find out more about what we have to offer and to determine whether ServiceChai’s services are a good fit for your company. Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at +880 1830 197312.

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