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“The Most Customer-Centered Outsourcing Hub for Business Transformation
We Provide Maximum Advantage Through Business Intelligence Solutions”

Welcome To ServiceChai, A Global Leader in The BPO Sector

ServiceChai, a pioneer in the BPO sector, provides superior 360-degree marketing solutions to brands and businesses in a variety of sectors and business verticals. We are well-known for our specialized call centre services that are simple to mould to your company’s needs and regulations relevant to your sector. At the same time, we are the business that embodies the employee-friendly culture providing world-class human interactions to our clients and their clients everywhere.
The trajectory of ServiceChai’s development has been as dramatic as a rover mission to Mars. We began as a four-person team in April 2018 and, in less than five years, we’ve grown into a large company with many employees working in several multi-functional teams. Currently, we are a family of over 100 individuals who are devoted and motivated professionals servicing various business sectors.
As BPO solution providers, call centre services were the cornerstone of our service offering when we first began out. To ensure that our team is always prepared for the client’s demand, we set out from the outset to build an agile and efficient team of talented employees outfitted with the best technology and operating under well-defined processes.
Real-time monitoring data can be captured and sent by us, and we can also offer insightful analysis through a reliable reporting mechanism that is geared at accurately quantifying the factors influencing operational efficiency. The foundation of our exclusive offer to set up and give seamless support for any contact center operation with a minimum lead time is our team of skilled agents and effective team leads in conjunction with these predetermined processes and technical tools.

Allow Us to Do It for You!

We have several locations all over the world as a reputable provider of marketing services. The United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, etc. are just a few of our international destinations. We can provide excellent customer interactions in several international and regional languages because of our extensive talent pool of skilled and experienced experts and our national and international presence.

Allow us to be your long-term partners, let us serve as a growing resource for you.

ServiceChai offers an abundance of vacancies that will be filled by the best candidates with the necessary training and expertise.
Our objective is to use our relationships and knowledge to make sure that you and your company can meet the everyday problems that your company encounters. You may offload duties that take up a lot of your time to our professionals, allowing you to concentrate on what is crucial for the smooth functioning of your company.
Every activity you complete and every time someone interacts with you is a chance to improve things and grow your business. Our staff will make sure all of your procedures are followed, and they’ll always be able to deliver on what they promise.



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